Alan Sonfist

After the first extraordinary experience, on 2010 We had the great opportunity to realize the second artwork signed by the New Yorker artist Alan Sonfist.

This artist creates his works by studying and taking advantage of the local flora of the area of interest. In this case the selected position is a perfectly-organized olive grove in an unique environmental morphology.

For this reason the artistic installation “Birth by Spear”, inspired by the origin of the olive tree, is set up like a big olive leaf (more than 30 meters long), delimited by a terracotta path; inside, have been planted trees, shrubs and bushes that belong to the ancient family of plants. These different types of flora that historically harmonize and grow together with the olive trees, have become the fundamental element of the ancient landscape and also testimonial of the mythological and botanical evolution of this tree. A long spear stands out from the heart of the leaf, as a symbol for the birth of the olive tree, that in the Romanic and Greek mythological belief was created by the Roman goddess Minerva (or Athena, for the Greek), who, in fact, represents the mother of the olive tree.