Claudio Parmiggiani

On 2011 We presented a new installation in the area that has slowly become a small park of Contemporary Art realized with terracotta of Impruneta. This new collection piece is a section of the terracotta mosaic floor introduced before at the exhibition “The landscape and the earth”, for the renovation of Piazza Buondelmonti in Impruneta. It supports the cultural path promoted by the municipal administration, to define a precious purpose for the town.


The winner of the international contest was the project of the team composed by Guido Canali, Mimma Caldarola and Claudio Parmiggiani. This project proposes a reflection about the subject of the land recovery, and invites the community of Impruneta to recognize the distinctive features of its local culture and territory.


The project consists in a flooring in custom made tiles with a motif of concentric and intersected circles and a double star. This motif is made visible by a perfect chromatic disposition of the terrecotte produced by a selected group of terracotta manufactures.


We had the honor to be chosen as one of the three kilns that will supply the selected handcrafted tiles, which must have a specific thickness to resist to the heavy loads of the public place.


The installed flooring in our park is around 8 meters for each side and is placed in the way to make it possible to have the best top view on the wonderful design.