Press Review

Making the best terracotta is a choice we have made to satisfy our clients' most demanding needs. It is important for people to know about the existence of terracotta production which is still genuine and exclusive.

Existing is important, but becoming well-known is even more important.

We think we are providing an important service to the public by informing people, and we aim to speak to all readers who are interested in and want a quality product. For this reason, we work to be present in the most important magazines in the field. Our promotional efforts are significant, but they are amply rewarded by all of the magazines which often request information about us and choose to publish news about the Terrecotte Poggi Ugo kiln.

in Giardino (2017)

Rivista Giapponese (2015)

Progetto Giardino (2014)

Gli Speciali Di Gardenia (2014)


Markt in Grün (06/2014)

Garten Markt (05/2014)

Rivista Giapponese (02/2014)

Show Case (2013)

Gardenia (10/2013)

Case Di Campagna (2012)

Gardenia (10/2012)

Giardini (05/2012)

La Casa In Campagna(03/2012)

Case di Campagna (2011)

Gardenia (11/2011)

AD (11/2011)

Gardenia (10/2011)

Gardenia (09/2011)

Ville Giardini (09/2011)


Gardenia (07/2011)

MarieClaire (07-08/2011)

Gardenia (06/2011)


Giardinaggio (04/2011)

Il mio Casale (04-05/2011)

Gardenia (03/2011)

Der Garten (12/2012)


Stil' (11/2010)

Gardenia (09/2010)

Ville Giardini (06/2010)

Markt in Grün (01/2010)

Case & Country (06/2009)

Green Line (05/2009)

Ville Giardini(06/2006)

Ceramica Italiana Del Novecento (2005)

Living At Home(06/2005)