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Cilindro danza robbiana

Cylinder with

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Features. Pot for plants. The cylindrical shape makes this pot aesthetically harmonious with the characteristic to have the maximum quantity of soil compared to the general volume . The decorations and garlands are realized in the right proportions of the pot, and enhance the general aesthetic look. They are perfect for a classical or historical settings. The pot is particularly wind stable. Made in different sizes, with a proportional increase between the different sizes. Handmade, using Impruneta clay, resistant to frost up to – 30° C. Great duration, the form remains unchanged over the course of the time. The roots’ and plants’ health is improved by the good breathability of the terracotta, its termical isolation, and the slow release of the humidity from the watering. The article acquires a beautiful exterior aspect over the course of the seasons. Accessories. Flowerpot Saucer, Feet.


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