90th Anniversary

Terrecotte Poggi Ugo: Celebrating 90th year of activity (1919-2009) September 12th in Impruneta, “Terracotta City” a few kilometres from Florence, had celebrated 90 years of one of the oldest kilns of Impruneta. The company Terrecotte Poggi Ugo wanted to celebrate this important anniversary with two valuable initiatives: the inauguration of the first terracotta work of art of Mauro Staccioli and a day of study on the themes of landscape architecture and garden. The already wide production of pottery has also been renewed through the presentation of the collection “90 modelli per 90 anni” symbolically composed of 90 new models, how many years of activity elapsed, but also have laid the foundation for offering new shapes for the next 90 years. Mauro Staccioli, one of the most acclaimed contemporary artists and author of numerous environmental installations around the world, has been invited by the company Poggi Ugo to compete with terracotta. This has been a change with respect to his artistic career , having, so far, favourite other types of material and his creativity has finally met the clay creating a wonderful combination. Supported by workers of the kiln, he designed a ring of clay mt 7.20 in height, installed permanently on the square in front of the kiln to frame the enchanting landscape on one side and the hearth of the kiln Poggi Ugo on the other.

The work is placed, clearly visible, along the road that, from Firenze-Certosa, lead to the centre of Impruneta, becoming, as well as work of art a “centre” of reference of high craftsmanship and the eco-tourism destination. Among the many personalities from the world of art and architecture that have participated, we remember the unexpected visit and the sincere appreciation of the great art critic Gillo Dorfles.
The conference, attended by 150 people, moderated by architect and artist Gianni Pettena as speakes took some landscape architects of international renown, such as Arabella Lennox-Boyd, Jean Mus and, by telephone connection, unable to speak as planned, the architect Paolo Pejrone. Other highlights include “communications” Mauro Staccioli’s artist, who presented his work and the torque of architects/artists Avatar Architecture (Nicola Santini and Pier Paolo Taddei) which illustrated the site-specific installation made inside the kiln for the occasion.
The frames typically used inside the kiln were reused as sitting or suspended from the ceiling, respecting the philosophy of recycling and biodegradability, which inspires the work of Avatar Architechture creating an atmosphere enveloping and fascinating.
The new line 90 model for 90 years born in collaboration of Terrecotte Poggi Ugo with renowned designers, architects, young artists, who have created new forms than the traditional use of clay.
Comprehensive catalogues accompany the new line “90modelli per 90 anni” and Mauro Staccioli’s terracotta work of art.