All phases are made with the still pot, and man as in ancient times, turns back around the jar. With so much skill and ability, only with the help of elementary tools such as a wooden stick, a sponge, a stick, and a piece of cotton can shape and shape the clay by moving a few millimeters to the position of the fingers. Clay molding, drying, kiln raising, cooking, cooling, are all very delicate phases that require great engagement and skills that can only be achieved with long experience and attention. Each item requires a minimum of 25-30 working days, up to 100-120 days for the largest. Our capabilities allow us to create new models and shapes at customer’s request, making us ready to face new challenges at

any time, which only those with excellent preparation and professionalism can solve. The Poggi Ugo Terrecotte furnace is well-known in the terracotta sector to have accurate products and is recognized as the brand of Poggi Ugo as a synonym of high quality: this is because our employees know they have to cure the worked object, using their ability to obtain that the lines are decided, the real faces and the leaves and fruit tell the tree from which they come. An ancient workmanship of centuries full of small care that make great creations made, which would take hundreds of photos to best describe the work done.