Are Your products frost-proof?

Each item is made exclusively with the valuable clay from Impruneta, which is extracted from our quarry. The production follows the traditional techniques and the products are baked with a temperature of more than 1000 degrees centrigrade for more than 6 days. This makes our products resistant from -30 degrees centrigade to the tropical warm. Anyway it is suitable to follow the recommendations listed in the “Suggestions” heading in order to obtain the longest life of our products. Are Your products really handmade? Absolutely. Since 1919 the “Terrecotte Poggi Ugo” produces following the age-long tradition of the handicraft. Each item is completely made in our manufacture by our specialized labour following the “colombino”, “guscio” and “calco” techniques. If a terracotta product has the stamp “Impruneta”, does it mean that You made it? No, the only name “Impruneta” and/or similar ones are not enough to identify our products and usually they are not enough to identify the original products from Impruneta, too. Our products have the following stamp: “POGGI UGO IMPRUNETA FIRENZE ITALIA.

Is the hole on the bottom on the pots necessary?

Yes, it is necessary and it is essential that it remains always free and unobstructed by leaves etc. because the water stagnation could cause a damage of the pot and, if planted, of the plant, too. Moreover, it is suitable to put spacers under the pots in order to space them from the ground or from the “sottovaso” (saucer), so that the water can easily come out from the drainage hole.

Are the saucers necessary?

The saucers serve to collect the watering and they are always suitable if You do not want that the water goes on the floor, if You want to protect the floor against water and indoor. For the usage in the cold seasons, we suggest to follow the recommendations listed in the “Suggestions” heading. Is it always advisable to use the spacers under the pot? We suggest to use the spacers under the pots if the water can not come out easily from the drainage hole because of the ground.

Is the colour always the same?

The entire production maintains the naturalness of the material because we only use water and clay and we bake the in the traditional way, without adding chemical substances to change the final colour. For this reason the products can have lightly different shades each other. Sometime it is possible to see the imprints of the hands of the craftsman who made them. With the passing of time the products acquire a superficial patina of the natural aging and the colours tend to be uniform.

Are the sizes written on the website or on the catalogue approximate or real?

The written sizes are real but, thanks to the handicraft, slight differences between various pieces of the same model are normal. Usually the sizes means the interior diameter for the pots, the exterior diameter for the flower boxes and the diameter of the maximum space occupied for the saucers.


Is there any minimum of order? We do not have any minimum of order because we want to satisfy all the needs of the Customers Which information do You need to give a quotation? Name and surname or name of the company, complete address, phone and fax number and list of the items and of the quantities. How to place an order? It is possible to place an order by phone to the number +390552011077, fax +390552313852 or e-mail info@poggiugo.it giving the details for the invoice, the address for the delivery and the list of items. Then we will send a quotation or an order confirmation with the costs list and the payment conditions which will have to be sent us undersigned as acceptance.


Can you organize the shipping? Usually we can organize any delivery, from a small box to full roadtrains. Depending on the ordered quantity the items are shipped with couriers or direct trucks. How much does the shipping cost? The prices are related to the volume, the weight, the services and the destinations. To apply the right cost, they can not be standardized. According to a list of requested items we can quote in a few minutes the shipping cost in Italy and in most of the European Countries, avoiding unpleasant surprises. Is there an insurance during the shipping with courier? The items are covered by insurance during the shipping. It is enough to follow a few rules in order to start the insurance in the right way in case of breakage and receive a new piece as replacement.


Which is the procedure for the payment? Payments can be made cash, by bank transfer and with the main credit cards.


Which are the opening hours? The office is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM and from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM and on Saturday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Why is the Company a member of “Associazione fornaci storiche ed artistiche di Impruneta” (association of the historical and artistic manufactures of Impruneta)? Our purpose has always been the will to defend the traditional handicraft of Impruneta terracotta handed on that we took with the pledge to hand it on the future generations. Together with few other manufactures remained defending the tradition we decided to join them and found the “Associazione delle Fornaci Storiche e Artistiche di Impruneta” for the protection of the quality, guarantee of handmade product and handicraft. All the products made by these manufactures are recognizable by the stamp of the “Associazione delle Fornaci Storiche e Artistiche di Impruneta” beside the stamp of the producer.