Doppia Firma September 2021

During the Fuori Salone di Milano – edition September 2021, we had the honor of being invited to participate at Doppia Firma, the exhibition-event of Fondazione Cologni, Michelangelo Foundation and Living Corriere;  a dialogue between high craftsmanship and design dedicated to the theme of the garden.

The guiding inspiration of this edition, the Talented Garden, suggested by Franco Cologni – Chairman of the Foundation, was fundamental to arrive at the creation Par Terre, a sculpture that we created together with the Designer Duccio Maria Gambi.

To use the words of the President of the Cologni Foundation, the works, conceived and realized with four hands by designers and masters of art, should represent “the connection between the landscape and the action that human beings perform on it, and that therefore determines the changes that we witness, for better or for worse. The theme of Double Signature 2021, was born to show how the beauty of nature can be made even greater by the work of men and women.”

With our work Par Terre, not only do we make an action to change nature, but we become an integral part of it, in a whole of beauty.

A simple form, almost abstract, that appears in the open air as a sculptural element and that, at the moment of interaction with it, produces a synthetic seat and an intimate microspace.

It is a piece that aims to create a cozy place and an informal sitting in public and private outdoor areas, such as a swimming pool, a park or a beach…

It is a work that seeks to incorporate the tactile dimension and the relational aspect of the material with which the work was created – the Terra indeed.

The finalization of the form and details is completed by hand on the fresh form before cooking and through a graphic work on the finished piece, after the cooking took place.

Par Terre is therefore an idea that starts from the material – the clay- and that uses it as part of the whole.

It is a sinuous shape, a terracotta comma emerging from the ground.

It surrounds us to live nature together, gives us support to stand up and admire the world around. Each from his own unique point of view.