piante indoor e vasi in terracotta

Surrounding yourself with plants is cool and healthy!

Providing green spaces in the home (and, why not, also at work) has many benefits: it improves the mood, gives well-being, refines the aesthetic appearance of rooms and also makes a valuable contribution to our health. In other words, indoor greenery provides a healthier and more vital environment.

That’s why indoor plants are good for the health!

Indoor plants are an important resource to imporove the quality of life in indoor environments. At home, at work and at school, these silent and patient friends will fill rooms with oxygen, absorb harmful airborne substances and help to create a spectacle that reaches our innermost chords.

Indoor plants enhance serenity and beauty of the environment

The study on the positive effects of indoor greenery on psychophysical well-being has been carried out by research centres around the world with concordant results.

Placing plants within our environments adds serenity and beauty to the space, helping us to improve our concentration, reducing stress levels and improving any states of anxiety, bringing us closer to nature and its rhythms.

Nowadays, interior design projects that include elements from the plant world as an integral or even central part are multiplying.

Terracotta pots are the ideal choice for plants

In this context, the natural terracotta vases from the Poggi Ugo collection find their perfect place. A terracotta pot must be considered to all intents and purposes a natural element, as it is composed of earth and water.

This material is extremely useful for boosting plant health – and not only! – as it keeps the soil fresh, while its porosity allows excess water to seep through, releasing a slight humidity into the air, thus acting as a natural humidifier.

If we are looking for the perfect plant for every room, it is very interesting to see how, for example, aloe vera is great in the bedroom because it purifies the air during the night, or how ivy helps to cleanse it; or how the orchid – whose elegance enchants everyone – releases a lot of oxygen and is considered beneficial for the mind, or finally, how bamboo is a very efficient natural filter.

Which terracotta pot to choose for indoor plants

Choosing the most suitable pot for each plant will therefore be the last step to rethink every indoor environment in a green way;
in the collection of vases designed by Poggi Ugo we can range from classic or contemporary vases with a round shape or square, small or large.

With small pots, such as the leaf-decorated pot, it will be easy to decorate the kitchen with aromatic plants; or, to make the most of the height space, the Tronchetto is perfect for shrubs with a deep root system, otherwise the Onda pot will be excellent for creating a personalised and original plant composition.

Whether your space is a modern loft in the city centre or a typical country cottage, Poggi Ugo’s collection of natural terracotta vases and accessories will satisfy every taste and need.

Contemporary interior with sofa, wall panel and decor. 3d render illustration mockup.