The terracotta colour by Poggi Ugo

A colour, that of terrecotte Poggi Ugo, which changes for it is alive

The terracotta colour arouses emotions, fills the eyes with harmony and recalls nature where the human being is wrapped in feelings of wellness.

Advantages of the terracotta colour

Surrounding oneself with living elements that change over time – such as natural clay complements– is good for body and soul; they evoke pleasant emotions, and symbolise a direct connection with the earth.
The shades of colour ranging from pink to orange, and which characterise Poggi Ugo’s terracotta objects, produce a soft and comfortable effect: powdery nuances in warm and refined shades help to create cosy, relaxing and positive environments.

What does the terracotta colour symbolise

The terracotta colour smacks of craftsmanship, of sobriety, of class; it symbolises the desire for a return to the origins, for a new contact with Mother Earth and her atmosphere, to restore an inner balance linked to the need to live in harmony with the environment.
An environment that changes with the succession of time and seasons, that changes like human beings and evolves according to the conditions in which they find themselves.

Choosing terracotta objects will only create a direct parallel with this condition of mutability, because they too will change: patinas, efflorescence, and crystalline formations will be created on their surfaces, testifying to their vitality; their colour will change throughout the year following the changing seasons, just like our skin when exposed to the sun’s rays.

While retaining the orange-pink tone that characterises the identity of Poggi Ugo’s terracotta, the minerals that will surface bear witness to the purity of the raw material.

This is why each terracotta artifact is unique, inimitable and unrepeatable, like the colour that distinguishes them.