The Impruneta Terracotta vases are a symbol of Tuscany and its tradition, an aesthetically elegant and very valuable product.
    The peculiarities of these vases are hidden in the craftsmanship of the artifacts and also in the characteristics of the clay of Impruneta, resistant to frost and weather; a fusion of dexterity and creativity that makes the vases of Impruneta required all over the world.

    Brief history of Cotto Imprunetino

    The history of the Impruneta terracotta, starts already from the Etruscans who used clay to make dishes, glasses, plates, basins and other objects for the house.
    With the passing of time, since the 11th  Century in the Chianti area, clay was used for the realization of objects for the conservation of food and also to produce bricks and tiles.

    Since 1400, thanks to the relationship between Impruneta and Florence, many kilnsmen in the area began to make pottery for the most important Florentine convents, including Sant’Ambrogio, Santissima Annunziata, as well as several hospitals such as Degl’Innocenti and Santa Maria Nuova.

    It was in this period that a greater awareness of the quality of Impruneta terracotta developed, which is why a more massive production of vases, furnishing sculptures, floors and roofs began.

    This prestige was also consolidated thanks to Filippo Brunelleschi, who in 1419 chose Impruneta terracotta to build the dome of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.

    Another important season for this material was that close to the Second World War, when the lack of iron used for the war industry saw a proliferation of railings, benches and other terracotta furnishings. In the 60s, on the other hand, Impruneta clay was mainly used for the restoration of villas and farmhouses, but also to decorate, according to tradition, the surrounding gardens with large terracotta vases.

    Today, Impruneta terracotta vases are used both with classic shapes for private and public gardens, but also in more contemporary forms to decorate indoor and outdoor environments.

    The Terracotta vases collection by Poggi Ugo

    Our production of terracotta vases is very large and boasts a production of over 1700 different pieces.

    The Poggi Ugo collection ranges from vases and cache-pots characterized by a more classic style, with reproductions of ancient models (of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Liberty or Empire origin), to modern and design accessories, which are part of the contemporary collection.

    Some of these pieces were born from the collaboration with international architects and designers, as in the case of the “Land” collection, a project developed together with the Spanish studio Masquespacio, or as the “New Terra” collection designed by Serena Cancellier and created exclusively for VGO Associates.

    Other models were designed by our Antonella Andrei, who was trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

    Of the more than 1700 terracotta products that we make in our furnace, in addition to vases, the assortment includes boxes, jars, sinks, statues, fountains, decorative panels, floors, armchairs, coverings and bookcases.

    Whether they are classic or modern, the vases we produce are worked solely by hand by our master craftsmen, who give every single handcrafted product the historical and cultural heritage of Impruneta.