“The Pond”


The Pond“. Vase with roundness that refers to a mother’s womb or a pond, both creators of new life. Container made of Impruneta clay in anthracite grey mixture executed by hand with plaster cast and applications of white semi-refractory clay. Flower vase suitable for planting; LED light points can easily be inserted inside.

LIGAMINA is the name of Poggi Ugo Terrecotte’s terracotta creations made with artist Maria Chiara Cecconi. The “bellezza della natura” (“beauty of nature“) inspired the artist who wanted to emphasise the enchanting and instinctive bond between man and the natural environment, highlighting the innate relationship between the two worlds.

The project was born out of the desire to experiment with the contrasting colours of terracotta, with extempore intervention and freehand marks on forms already present in the Poggi Ugo Terrecotte collection.

In order to emphasise the idea that man, in his primordial essence, perceives the atavistic bond with nature, the human element was modelled with the same white earth as the decorative elements symbolising nature, in a play of relationships on an earth/container that welcomes living nature.

And so it is that figures appear on the edge, dialoguing in harmony in a place that recalls the presence of water, the main element of life.

And here man’s gaze is surprised and intrigued by so much beauty and diversity: the sympathy of a tree frog aspiring to become something more elegant, the grace of vegetation.

Man, on the other hand, faces the rediscovery of his environment with a clear mind, in order to learn to enjoy it again, observing and respecting it: only with these prerequisites can one immerse oneself and fully experience this primordial and indissoluble bond.

Listen to the murmur of the wind among the blades of grass, enjoy the scents and colours of water and land, in a simple exhortation: welcome and be welcomed by life.

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Handmade, 100% Made in Italy

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