Fountain with dolphins


Fountain with Dolphins. Fountain with raised basin column with terminal with three dolphins. Fountain used as decoration and also with jets of water or jet of water. It is often mounted above a swimming pool or pond and the water from the pool is dropped into the pond at the base to create a beautiful and relaxing water feature. The jets of water can come from the dolphins or from the tank in various ways chosen by the client. The fountain is supplied disassembled and only with terracotta parts. It is assembled on site with the possibility of inserting a stake inside to stabilize it and then joined with cement, an adequate glue. In cold countries it is advisable to empty the hydraulic system and keep the upper plate empty to avoid problems due to ice. Modeling done in high relief. Made in one size. Handmade with Impruneta clay, resistant to frost at over -30°C, excellent durability, the shape remains unchanged over time. As the seasons pass, it acquires a beautiful surface appearance.

Handmade, 100% Made in Italy

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CodeLenghtExternal DiameterInternal DiameterHeightWidthWeightCapacityColourPriceBuy
  • 105
  • 160
  • 180
16959 16958 Terracotta


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