Spiral-columned pot with fruits


Spiral-columned pot with fruits. Made in one size, this large fruit bowl with a triumph of native fruits and vegetables is an exclusive Poggi Ugo model. Also used in pairs in very spacious settings such as entrances to villas or castles, it is the ultimate expression of wealth, prosperity and decoration. Handmade from Impruneta clay, it is frost-resistant. Over time, it acquires a beautiful surface appearance on which lichens can easily be deposited. Of excellent durability, the shape remains unchanged over time. It is supplied in one piece and can be placed alone or on a small band base or on a 40 cm high base.

Handmade, 100% Made in Italy

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CodeLenghtExternal DiameterInternal DiameterHeightWidthWeightCapacityColourPriceBuy
  • 100
  • 126
  • 200
22683 21282 Terracotta


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