statue of “Spring”


Baroque Spring. Classic statue modeled in Baroque style. Statue with dress and flowers with octagonal base. Monobloc terracotta statue. Statue stable in the wind. The placement can be in a focal point of the garden as the main furnishing element, in a niche, on top of a column and even on the facade of a building. It can be placed on the edge of the roof as a decoration of the villa. It is positioned under the gazebo and also above the gate columns. The statue is empty inside and to increase stability it can be fixed to the floor with cement or a tube can be inserted inside so as to make it oscillate, but not fall to the ground. Made in one size. Modeling done in high relief. Handmade with Impruneta clay, resistant to frost at over -30°C with excellent durability, the shape remains unchanged over time. As the seasons pass, it acquires a beautiful surface appearance.

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Handmade, 100% Made in Italy

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36922 36919 Terracotta


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