Montauto bas-relief romanesque style


Bas-relief of a sacred image of the Miraculous Madonna of Impruneta. Scene of the discovery of the Madonna. The story talks about a farmer who was plowing the olive field with his oxen. while he was working at a certain point the oxen stop and kneel down, not wanting to move forward. The farmer, despite his attempts, was unable to move the oxen. The farmer decided to search and dig in the ground in front of the oxen. At that point next to an olive tree he found a terracotta tile with a relief of a Madonna with child. The olive tree became the Olive Tree of the Madonna and a tabernacle was built at that point which still exists today. The tabernacle is located on the provincial road in the direction of Florence at the beginning of the town of Impruneta. The panel is a wall decoration. It can be planted with two “L” shaped spikes in the lower part and one above in the centre. It can also be fixed with cement or suitable glue. Handmade by master craftsmen on original cast. Decorative panel with hanging holes. Made in one size. Modeling done in high relief. Handmade with Impruneta clay, frost resistant to over -30°C with excellent durability. As the seasons pass, it acquires a beautiful surface appearance.

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Handmade, 100% Made in Italy

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17642 16668 Terracotta


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