Forest of trunks table


    Forest of logs in the “living room” for this 92 cm high console table. The perfect shape of the cylinder is made softer by the manual processing of terracotta which makes these shapes imprecise and more natural as if they were a dense plantation of poplar trees. The final version of the table consists of 15 “trunks” and the 13 mm thick crystal is original for its uniqueness of color: shades from ultramarine blue to marine green blend on the 80×200 cm top. Designed by Masquespacio for the 100 years of Terracotta Poggi Ugo, this  was one of the most difficult models to make contrary to its aesthetic simplicity and is part of the collection called “Land”, that is, return to the origins, to the land in fact, designed by Valentina Guidi Ottobri.

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    Handmade, 100% Made in Italy

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    • 180
    • 92
    • 80
    • 270
    23741 15080 Terracotta


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