Round Skyscraper


Round skyscraper is a miniature of a skyscraper with a rounded profile, the particularity of this flower vase, designed for the 100th anniversary of the Terrecotte Poggi Ugo by Masquespacio , is the three element composition . In order to make the joints, an attempt was made to make a matter millimetric which is not precise for its manual processing, but also for its grainy consistency. The perfect use is accomplished with the composition of the three elements, each with a strong personality and unique design, which is completed with the corresponding skyscraper in a defined and balanced positive and negative, full and empty. The result is a collection of the best successful from the “Land” collection by Valentina Guidi Ottobri who, besides flowerpots, are true sculptures. The ideal height to admire the skyscrapers in their form is that of the console or the presentation table. Each skyscraper is provided with a glass water container, which is inside: this is to facilitate cleaning, and for the porosity of the terracotta that would make the water ooze.

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Handmade, 100% Made in Italy

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