Wall Decoration

It has been a month since the fair dedicated to the home world Maison & Objet and our return to Tuscany.

The one in Paris was an important opportunity to meet with a large number of the public, a moment of confrontation vis à vis with a multitude of people: architects, interior designers, retailers, and buyers from all over the world who came to France to steal trends and inspirations.

For us, it was an invaluable moment of exchange, where we had the opportunity to learn about the ideas and requests of end customers who turn to professionals to furnish the most diverse spaces: hotels, restaurants, city residences or properties in vacation spots.

All the stories we heard had one common denominator: more and more people are tending toward a return to natural materials that can last.

This is one of the reasons why people are interested in terracotta.

Another thing that is sought after is originality and the ability to customize a project, a space, in order to meet the requests of even the most demanding clients.

For these reasons too, the wall panels of i pannelli murali della collezione Land collection  have been very successful.

The Poggi Ugo Terrecotte stand at the latest edition of Maison et Objet in Paris

At Maison & Objet, the booth had walls decorated with Palm Canvas  and Infinite Geometry panels; the reception desk was also covered with the same panels. These decorative elements caught the attention of many visitors who immediately grasped the aesthetic sense of this proposal.

The Desk lined entirely with “Infinite Geometry” Panels.

Florence is world-famous for its typical red roofs made of terracotta bricks from Impruneta, that same red that is often found in Tuscan farmhouses, characterized by beautiful walls -composed of the same bricks – used without plaster and left in plain sight. From this inspiration we started with the reinterpretation: using terracotta to create decorative panels so as to bring the warmth of terracotta back to the walls.

All the variants of the Palm Canvas and Infinite Geometry panels.

In creating the design of the panels, we tried to reinterpret terracotta with a contemporary, urban philosophy and with a strong cosmopolitan connotation, stepping out of our comfort zone – the Tuscan tradition – to instead encounter designs and geometries that are inspired by the idea of a journey to distant lands, transferring this exotic dimension to our everyday spaces.

In fact, the wall panels were also designed for interior use, to open the door to terracotta unexpectedly entering the home and being placed on the walls, and this time, not on a structural level, but purely aesthetic and decorative.

“Infinite Geometry” wall panels.

This is why these new elements attracted the attention of the audience attending Maison et Objet: all the professionals welcomed this novelty with much enthusiasm, already giving us feedback on their possible different use.

Some people will use them to cover swimming pools, others to decorate parts of entrance facades – because let’s remember that Impruneta clay is still perfect for being outside in all weather conditions – or someone will make benches, using the panels on wooden and iron supports.

The imagination can travel without limits with these complements, so simple is their installation and free to use

Your enthusiasm for these products literally overwhelmed us, so much so that, once we returned home, we decided to embellish a part of our office precisely with the Palm Canvas: composed of six different panels, which can be used in composition with each other, they are decorated with stylized palm leavesCycas, Kentia, Butia – to travel with the mind to faraway places

Palm Canvas wall panels decorate the office of Poggi Ugo terrecotte

The Infinite Geometry  also feature three different designs, all three-dimensional, which, with their sinuous and repeated shapes, transport us to the dunes of the desert, or among the waves of the sea…

But we still have news in store about the panels, and we will let you know soon!

Palm Canvas and Circle Rings floor pots