We guarantee compliance with the 3 determinant factors Clay, Machining and Cooking to obtain top quality Terracotta. The clay used for the creation of the Poggi Ugo terracotta is still extracted from the XII century century quarry and carefully selected. Processing is done by hand, using only traditional techniques. Cooking lasts 6 days at temperature over 1000 ° C with very slow cooking curves.

The characteristics allow to make the best possible terracotta and to ensure frost resistant to over -30 ° C. Due to the absolute quality, it is usual to consider the durability of the objects in their normal use, in the order of decades.

We only guarantee the use of natural raw materials without the addition of artificial substances. Terracotta during cooking is unmistakable in pink-orange tones and over time, superficial oxidation makes a very characteristic aspect of life.

Attention to shapes, proportions, styles, details, finishes, decorations, workmanship is a guarantee for beautiful and elegant terracotta.

The realization of special, large-size and design objects is a guarantee recognized by our customers that gives us the ability to move the boundaries of matter further and further.

All the items marked with the stamp applied in Poggi Ugo Impruneta Firenze-Italia fresco, and only these are truly the guaranteed original Terracotta Poggi Ugo Impruneta.

And finally, we guarantee the utmost commitment to always satisfy our customers in every specific request or requirement.