Terracotta Tales- a Dialogue with the architetct Cedric Capron

In more than 100 years of activity, the terracotta creations of Fornace Poggi Ugo have taken part in projects by designers, architects and landscapers all over the world.

Every professional has a different story: they design, choose and use terracotta in a specific and personal way, adapting it to every single situation, each time in a different way.

Here at the Fornace Poggi Ugo we take care of making the best terracotta, respecting the ancient techniques of craftsmanship so that each project is realised exactly the way the designers conceived it;

this is why we would like to talk to some of them: to understand together how a work is born and how we arrive at the choice of the perfect complement. The first architect we had the pleasure of talking to is Cédric Capron, who has his studio in Nice, France.

The first architect we had the pleasure of talking to is Cédric Capron, who has his studio in Nice, France.

A dialogue with Cédric Capron

With a career spanning nineteen years, Cédric Capron, Master Craftsman in plastering, painting and decorating, epitomizes excellence in luxury and interior decoration.

His reputation is based on deep technical expertise in construction, making him an essential and sought-after figure in the field of interior design and architecture.

His professional experience has taken him all over the world, particularly to Asia and California, where he has worked for many celebrities thus expanding his network of contacts, this has led him to collaborate with some real giants in the industry.

His incredible portfolio includes prestigious and confidential projects, particularly serving the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

Today, with his studio in the heart of Nice, Cédric Capron promotes an informal and friendly atmosphere within his agency. He embodies essential values, emphasizing the love of craftsmanship, expertise and French style.

Cédric Capron with his staff in the Nice studio in France.

Knowledge transfer is a key priority for him, as is his commitment to professional development and the promotion of artisanal and sustainable craftsmanship, which are central to his vision of architecture and decoration.

– How did you get to know the Poggi Ugo Furnace and why did you choose our pottery in particular? 

“I discovered your company through an online search while looking for authentic, high-quality handcrafted materials for a project. What immediately attracted me to Fornace Poggi Ugo was your well-established reputation as an Italian terracotta producer, combining traditional family craftsmanship with contemporary innovation.

I was struck by the variety and beauty of your creations and products. Each piece seemed to tell a unique story, with attention to detail and an aesthetic that perfectly captured the essence of craftsmanship and elegance that I was looking for in my designs.”

– What did you accomplish and where is (if you can say) the project?

“We carried out the construction and decoration of the Beefbar Santorini in Greece, located in the heart of the luxurious Andronis Arcadia Hotel.”

The welcome desk of the Beefbar restaurant in which the Modern Ribbed Vase and Iris Vase  were placed 

– In the context of this project, why did you choose to include terracotta pots and not other materials?

“The choice of terracotta vases was a natural one, as the project is located on the island of Santorini and the restaurant has a bohemian-chic decor with Mediterranean accents. Therefore, terracotta vases were the perfect compromise to give the project a more mineral and artistic touch with natural materials, highlighted by the brightness of the location, especially during sunsets.”

– What does terracotta represent to you?

“As an architect and interior designer, I appreciate the versatility of terracotta, which can be used subtly to add rustic accents to contemporary design or more overtly to create a bright and natural Mediterranean ambiance. Terracotta embodies a fusion of art and craftsmanship: more than just a building or decorative material, it is a story told in every nuance of its warm tones and handcrafted texture. Its earthy, warm character adds a touch of authenticity to any space, whether it is a richly textured exterior façade or finely crafted pieces placed to decorate interiors.”

The outdoor environment of Santorini’s Beefbar furnished with natural and typically Mediterranean materials.

– How do you arrive at the final choice of the perfect vase/complement?

“After reviewing various proposals on both your website and competing sites, we came to the conclusion that the quality, design, craftsmanship and variety of shapes offered by your company were the perfect choice for our project.”

– Which model was your choice and why? 

The vases chosen by Capron Studio for the Santorini Beefbar were the Modern Ribbed Vase  and the Iris Vase  [ED].

“We chose your vases because of the exclusivity of the handcrafted products, as well as their contemporary, diverse shapes and raw look that perfectly reflected the authentic look I wanted to give the project.”

– Have you used Poggi Ugo complements for outdoor or indoor spaces?

“We used the products exclusively for exteriors.”

– How has the terracotta proposal been received by your customers?

“The choice of these different vases was very well received by the client who appreciated the different sizes/styles proposed for the project. The colors and materials blended perfectly with the environment in which the vases were placed.”

For our part, we are very happy to know that some of Poggi Ugo’s terracotta creations have been included in such a refined and exclusive setting, designed with respect for the environment in which it is located and perfectly integrated in the beautiful frame of the Santorini Island.