High vase of ‘700


High vase of ‘700. From an original of 1700 this vase of unusual proportions, was once enameled inside to contain olive oil and was part of the furnishings of a cellar in an important villa in Lucca. Containing 350 liters of potting soil, however, it has been used several times in an elegant sequence in important locations, completely without plants inside, making only its being shape. Vice versa, if planted, it is ideal for climbers or in any case for plants that have a taproot root system, given its vertical development. Handmade with Impruneta clay resistant to frost at -30 °C. The excellent breathability of terracotta, thermoregulation and the slight release of the watering humidity, give health to the roots of the plants planted.

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Handmade, 100% Made in Italy

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15976 15535 Terracotta


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