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The GRANDE YDRA FIORE vase is part of the I grandi Ydra collection – vases with water reserves – composed of three elements CONO, QUADRO and FIORE; the collection was designed by Sabrina Sguanci Baroni for Poggi Ugo terrecotte on the occasion of the “UpTo” exhibition curated by DcomeDesign at the Fabbrica del Vapore for Milan Design Week 2024.

Five petals placed on the outside of the vase and slightly inclined draw the water reserves that, thanks to the natural porosity of the terracotta, is gradually released to the plant, giving it the right degree of moisture and hydration, as well as giving the vase an aesthetic and symbolic aspect of absolute impact.

Ydra’s large pots are iconic and functional manifestos that explore, in the union of the earth-water pair, the protection of the plant species, tested by rising temperatures.

Circular and sustainable production, which has always characterized the Poggi Ugo kiln, is perfectly in tune with the message that this collection wants to symbolically represent.

The large Ydra pots emphasize the importance of an economy of resources, putting to good use the natural properties of Impruneta clay that maintain the right microclimate useful for vegetation and, thanks to their unusual and functional design, recreate a controlled irrigation system.

All this is possible precisely because of the great resistance that Poggi Ugo terracotta offers against even extreme temperatures.

Also part of the same collection are the pots


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