Totem 5


For a long time it was my intention to make a sculpture that would dialogue with trees, with tall trees. That it grows towards the sky. The result was an installation as I wanted: that defies height and, only apparently, the forces of gravity; which intrigues me even more when it is off axis (or off plumb for the employees). I like to play on balance, asking the question: how can it stand up ?! ” This is the thought and the stimulus that Antonella Andrei, owner and artist of the furnace, developed and created with the Totem sculptures. The sculptures are conceived in groups, the formation of three and in different heights is excellent, but the continuous development like a wood would be ideal. Each Totem is mounted as desired for personal expression, around the steel tube supplied. The steel pipe must be locked to the ground for stability.

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Handmade, 100% Made in Italy

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33775 33772 Terracotta


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